Waiting On the Weather In Chesapeake, VA

We’re currently in Chesapeake, VA, tied up to the bulkhead between the lock and the draw bridge. This is a great spot to be if the weather is bad. The boat is safe, the tie-up is free, and there are essential things in walking distance–such as a laundrymat, liquor store, hardware store, and a very good food market. I’m typing this post from the nearby Panera where it’s nice and warm.

Our trip down the Bay from Jackson Creek (Deltaville) was uneventful. We sailed most of the way under full main alone as we only wanted to get to Norfolk and there was enough wind to push us there in plenty of time. We anchored at Hospital Point across from Norfolk’s Waterside but did not go ashore. Our dinghy is still on the deck and will probably stay there until we arrive at Beaufort, NC.

We left Norfolk Tuesday morning timing our departure for the 8:30 AM opening of the Gilmerton Bridge. I thought it was a little odd that no one else was leaving the anchorage at the same time but we just figured that they were going to sit out the coming bad weather elsewhere. Eventually, a classic wooden power boat came by so, we had some company. As we approached the bridge, Amy got on the radio and requested an 8:30 opening. The bridge tender said, “I can give you a 9:30.” Oops. We had relied on an old bridge schedule. Just as we started to resign ourselves to circling for an hour, we heard a tug boat captain say he was coming around the bend and would like an opening. (Commercial traffic gets preferential treatment at bridges.) So, we called back and asked if we could tailgate behind the Mobjack. The bridge tender said yes, as long as we didn’t go too slow.

We got our 8:30 AM opening at the Gilmerton Bridge anyway and were able to follow the Mobjack through the remaining bridges as well as the Great Bridge Lock in Chesapeake, VA–our final destination for the day. It was a short hop but gave us the protection we sought and ease of access to the shore that we needed. Sometimes being wrong pays off.

We got our chores done and then had a very relaxing late lunch at Kelly’s Tavern which claims to have won “Best Burger in Hampton Roads” for 17 consecutive years. Our selections were, without a doubt, the best burgers we had since the last time we had burgers. Although we are trying to eat less meat, sometimes we can’t help but give in to temptation.

Since it was Election Day, we decided to continue the leisurely pace established at Kelly’s. Thus, for the rest of the day, we just let our propane heater run throughout the evening as we watched the election returns on board the Mary T. Needless to say, we are happy with the outcome.

Thursday, we expect to go to the Broad Creek anchorage beyond Conjock, NC.

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