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Hi Amy,

I met you the other night at the Quantico Yacht Club meeting and bought your videos. I watched the “Nova Scotia to Bahamas.” It was so much fun to watch. That Ken pirate seems like a bit of a stiff…so if you are looking for a more out going pirate but not such a great mechanic let me know. I working on memorizing all the songs just in case. I think I have the chorus down. In reality, I think Ken was very amused by the pirate Friday but did not want to let on how much fun he was really having.

The whole trip seemed like great fun, great adventure and the video documentation was entertaining and informative. I particularly like the on-the-scene reporter you took with you. Funny how like Superman and Clark Kent, you and she were never in the scene together….Hmmm have to ponder that???

But on a serious note…did you ever answer the question…”what is it all about?” Seems like a theme for the ladies but not the men….just wondered if you reached a conclusion on the tension between cruising life and making the world a better place.

I look forward to tracking your future adventures….

—Mike (Quantico Yacht Club member)

• • •

“The cruise keeps moving along and adding to its interest are occasional mini-documentaries such as a trip aboard a Maine lobsterboat with narration by the fisherman as he hauls his pots, and a sail aboard an antique Friendship sloop during a regatta for these traditional gaff rigged work boats of Maine…a good balance of content, attractive and occasionally dramatic scenery, shore side activity, and points of interest with two genial hosts aboard the Mary T. [It] stirred my own longings to set sail for distant waters.”

— Good Old Boat Magazine Newsletter, from a review written by Susan Peterson Gateley, Upstate NY

• • •

“This Friday night, we knew we were up for a treat. As we sat back with our glass of wine to view your movie, we just let ourselves be captured by the imagery and the sounds which so vividly brought to life a shared experience. It was easy to get caught up with the obvious fun you had creating such an ode to this unique experience. A toast to you both of you!”

— Lorraine and Guy Deschenes, Montreal, Quebec, cruisers on S/V Kerguelen

• • •

“I LOVED it! I was totally captivated by the shooting, the editing, the music…what a wonderful escape from the winter snow and cold. The “Pirate Friday” tune is stuck in my head.”

— Ute Gunn, Washington, DC, TV producer

• • •

“Spectacular! What fun, what joy, what LIFE!”

— Dietra Nickerson, Savanah, GA, artist and home remodeler

• • •

“Fun, informative, beautiful, wacky and off beat. Great memories for those who’ve been there and motivates those who haven’t. You’ve even got Lou singing “It’s Pirate Friday”. Next thing I know he’ll want to dress up (like a pirate).”

— Jane Berkowicz, Nyack, NY, violinist and cruiser on S/V Ripple Effect

• • •

Moby-Dick doesn’t have to be your favorite book to love what they do. It’s easy to feel caught up in the excitement … a beautiful boating odyssey undertaken and accomplished with surprising style.”

— Linda Olle, New York, NY, author of The Upper East Side Cookbook

• • •

“I really enjoyed it. Very witty and very good camera, editing, acting… I watched it from the beginning to the end, which is something I don’t do very often.”

— Alex Yazlovsky, Washington, DC, television producer

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