On Our Way South

We moved back aboard Mary T on Wednesday having spent two days and two nights as guests of a friend of our live-aboard neighbor, Jack. We’ve never met Kathy, but would like to thank her for opening her house to us. We enjoyed our time there-especially the quality time with Jack’s dog, Daisy. And Jack, too.

Wednesday evening and Thursday were spent getting the boat back in order and tying up all our shore side loose ends such as retrieving our car from the mechanic, additional food shopping and other chores.

Friday brought overcast skies and North West winds blowing 15-20 knots with gusts to 25. We expected to just go to Solomons but as we approached the mouth of the Patuxent River it was only about 12:30. So, we decided to go for the Great Wicomico which is just below the Potomac. We were making very great time, sometimes hitting speeds of 8 knots and higher.

Slingle handed sailing

As we approached the south side of the mouth of the Potomac, we wanted to roll up some of the headsail. I was steering and tailing the genoa sheet; Amy was going to pull the furler line. The genoa was backwinded so I held the genoa sheet with one hand thinking it would just roll up easily. As luck would have it, the wind caught the genoa and violently yanked the sheet. Normal instinct would be to let go, however I kept holding on and got pulled to the side to the cockpit. It felt like my shoulder was coming out of its socket. I screamed in pain. Amy got things under control as I put my arm back in its proper place. I then got an ice pack and moaned for the next hour or two. As time went on, it improved and is doing quite well right now (Sunday evening). We anchored in the Great Wicomico with the idea of checking the next day, whether friends Dave and Carol were at their Reedville house. If my shoulder was still hurting, I’d ask for a ride to an emergency room.

Dave called to say that they would be there Saturday and that we could stay at the dock of their neighbors and friends, Spud and Joan. How fortunate. Spud and Joan not only let us dock at their home, but offered showers as well. Spud even offered to take me to the hospital emergency room. I declined as my shoulder had already felt considerably better.

Carol, Kenny, and Dave on Spud and June’s dock

Later we met Dave and Carol and were taken to dinner at another neighbor’s home. Before dinner, though, we got to tour Dave and Carol’s almost completed home renovation. We were quite impressed and can’t wait to see the finished project on our trip back next spring. Neighbor Debbie, who welcomed us years back on one of our northward journeys, wined and dined us like we were old friends. Thanks to all the nice folks in Reedville who really made us feel welcome.

Sunday was overcast and calm so we just motored to Deltaville and anchored in Jackson Creek. It was a short day but it allowed Amy to do some editing and for me to resolve a problem with our AIS. Tomorrow, we expect to be in Norfolk.

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