About the Crew


Amy Flannery

Amy Flannery is a freelance producer, director, writer and videographer. She got her start in 1991 at Yellow Cat Productions, based in Washington, DC.

Prior to working in the video business Amy lived in Senegal, West Africa where she was a Peace Corps volunteer in a small village and later an English teacher in the Capitol, Dakar.

Amy did a little bit of sailing as a child aboard her father’s Butterfly and Windsurfer. In the early 1990s, Amy became a volunteer crew member on the barkentine, Gazela, of Philadelphia. Amy fell in love with the seagoing life while climbing the rigging to furl and unfurl square sails on this old wooden vessel.

To learn more about Amy go to: www.amyflannery.com.

Ken on the beach

Ken Kurlychek

Ken Kurlychek is a freelance web site developer (www.clickbert.com) For over 30 years he was a librarian, then webmaster, at Galludet University in Washington, DC. Ken has been an avid sailor all his life and always dreamed of living aboard his own sailboat. Now that dream is a reality.

Several months after Ken’s retirement in February of 2007, Amy and Ken set out for a year-long cruise up to Canada and then back down the coast to the Bahamas.

Along the way they encountered assorted equipment failures, made new friends, toured exotic places, improved their navigational skills, and made they’re first docu-comedy movie.

They continue to cruise the east coast of North and Central America.

Ken and Amy

Sailing to Calabash Bay, Long Island (photo by Corning Townsend)