We Have Moved Ashore

We spent Sunday night on Mary T without problems but, due to fact that the storm hadn’t reached us yet and was looking pretty ominous, we decided the prudent thing to do would be to take up our friend, Jack’s, offer to join him in a borrowed house nearby. Jack’s wife, Leslie, was fortunate enough to have a business trip that took her away from this mess. However, their dog, Daisy, and cat, Silly, are here to protect us.

The great thing about the house is that it is very soundproof compared to Mary T. If you didn’t know better, you’d think it was just a light drizzle by the sound of it. Plus, this house doesn’t move. We really hope it continues that way. However, we are not much higher above sea level than on Mary T. Our exact position, for those that like to play with Google Earth, is 38 47′ 50″ N and 76 31′ 33.97″ W. Mary T is at 38 46′ 32.85″ N. and 76 33′ 46.89″ W. As you can see, (if you go to Google Earth) Mary T is in a very well protected location.

As of 4PM we still have electricity. We’ve brought a lot of food and beverages from the boat, as well as our propane heater, computers and other assorted items of importance. We think we’re pretty prepared for the worst but still hoping that Sandy’s impact on us won’t be too bad.

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