Stuart, FL

We left St. Augustine and moved on down the ICW to an anchorage in Daytona Beach. Other than very loud music blaring all night from somewhere on shore, the anchorage was quite peaceful. On Saturday, we were off to Titusville where we met up with Raffi and Lisa again. They had driven Lisa’s sister, Laine, to the airport so, they had a rental car. They took us out to breakfast and shopping the next day. I had just done a long walking trip to the supermarket in St. Augustine but was limited by what I could carry. Needless to say, having a car is a big deal to sailors on foot.

Another “Mary T” has been spotted on the ICW.
Photo by Lisa Kennedy

We left Titusville on Monday and made it to Dragon Point at the southern tip of Merritt Island. The wind was perfect for sailing in the ICW, and we were in no hurry. Ahhh…warm weather, sun, and a favorable breeze. Too bad we were some 10-12 years too late to see the dragon. All that remains now, are some fragments of ruins. Raffi and Lisa arrived sometime later and joined us for dinner aboard Mary T.

Next stop–Fort Pierce. We knew our friend Phil from Spartina, would be there getting his boat ready, so we anchored nearby his marina. On our way in to tie up our dinghy, we saw Euphoria, whose crew we had spent a wonderful Thanksgiving with on our first trip south in 2007. We had a happy reunion with Rick, Carla and Phil at a nearby Tiki bar. After dinner, there was a trivia contest where, after a great start, our team totally collapsed and had to leave in disgrace. We bid farewell to the rest of our team and took the dinghy back to Mary T.

We left the next morning and arrived in Stuart on Wednesday afternoon only to find that there were no moorings available. This is understandable because the Sunset Bay Marina and Anchorage is a very good deal for long-term visits. So, we got on the waiting list and anchored out nearby. A couple of days later there was a spot for us so, we signed in.

There should be enough to see and do around here to keep us entertained for a month while Amy slaves over her movie project. The only thing we’re not too happy about is that the ocean beach is not in easy walking distance. Fortunately, the marina offers loaner bikes. They also have shuttle bus service to some of the local food and hardware stores.

We will be here until early January and then hope to continue south to Fort Lauderdale, Miami and then the Keys.

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