Preparing for the Next Adventure

Pride of Baltimore II

Pride of Baltimore II

We’ve endured the miserable winter of 2014 and are now getting Mary T ready for our next cruise. She was hauled out this morning at the Galesville Harbor Yacht Yard and tomorrow we’ll start working on a very long list of chores and remedies. Our hope is to be able to leave Galesville sometime in May and head north to Newfoundland. The departure date will, of course, depend on the fickle weather.

Avast! We need more sail!

Avast! We need more sail!

Some of the more memorable events that occurred since our last blog entry include:

  • many wonderful day-sails with friends
  • a week-long fall cruise that included getting up close to the boats in the Great Chesapeake Bay Schooner Race
  • our transmission literally fell apart
  • a week in the Poconos with the Keatings
  • Ken’s triple bypass open heart surgery
  • Ken’s daughter and son-in-law’s treat of two months in a fabulous Annapolis condo while Ken recuperated
  • a fun-filled, extra long weekend at the Sayre’s house in Claiborne, MD
  • a fun-filled, week-long stay at Amy’s mother’s place in Lake Forest, IL
  • Amy’s music video that she made while we were there: Mum Z in Da House
  • Amy’s near completion of her epic documentary, Red Dot on the Ocean



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