Currently in Grey River, Newfoundland

view of grey river

View of Grey River (click to enlarge)

We’ve been doing each arm in the Grey River fjords and loving it. Northeast Arm, Northwest Arm and Southeast Arm. Each has something special to offer. If you like fjords, this is the place to visit.

Today, we are in the outport of Grey River–population about 160. Like most of the other towns we’ve visited in Newfoundland this one is very friendly and welcoming to strangers on boats. Why more than one resident even invited us to a big birthday bash this evening!

Tomorrow, we expect to leave and continue heading east–perhaps to Rencontre Bay. More details to follow in a future post.


One comment on “Currently in Grey River, Newfoundland
  1. mary says:

    LOVE the limericks and the description of Newfoundland and its inhabitants. Very eloquent and evocative. Banks of fog and miraculous moments of sun!! Looks like you are having a swell time. Grey River looks gorgeous. What’s the name of the man who rowed there frozen again?? LOVE you guys! PS are you going to buy the house in Ramea?

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