Atlantic City to Gloucester

Our stay in Atlantic City lasted 5 days. We eventually moved from the dock to the anchorage to save some money. Kenny started feeling lousy while were there and the morning we woke up to sail to Block Island, RI we contemplated returning to the dock at AC and driving to see his doctor near Baltimore. He rallied at the last minute and decided to call her instead. She recommended antibiotics, which we had and he took. only later to discover they were 3 years beyond expiration and probably worthless.

Block Island

Block Island house

After 30 hours of pleasant sailing and motoring, we arrived in Block Island to a rather full anchorage. We dropped the hook several times before settling in a spot that suited us with plenty of breathing room. Rather than wrangle the dinghy, we opted to take the Block Island launch to land for a quick walkabout and appetizer. It was dark when we headed back to the anchorage.

Next day we departed in slightly threatening looking skies for a short trip across Buzzard’s Bay to the Sakonnet River and picked up someone’s private mooring. We were told by another cruiser that it was permissable.  Nothing like a free mooring. Two days later my sister Molly picked us up in Mattapoisett and brought her to her house in Littleton, MA. My sister Mary and mother were visiting also, so it was a nice family reunion. Molly lives on a lovely little lake with her husband Tim and son Woody. They have plenty of boats, water toys, bikes, badmitton…so it’s sort of like going to summer camp. It is known to many as Timmollywood.

I enjoyed all that Timollywood had to offer. I even taught the family how to play butt darts. Kenny spent most of the time resting, trying to get over his mystery illness. We made a trip to a CVS minute clinic and Emerson Hospital in nearby Concord, but none of the xrays or tests could explain the cause of his cough, headache and fever, which had persisted for a month. He took a second round of antibitoics and is now starting to feel better. I on the other hand am feeling a little worse for wear. Hope I haven’t got it.


Gloucester waterfront

Yesterday we arrived in Gloucester, MA which is the city of our nuptials. Kenny and I took the sacred vows here two years ago on Sept. 19 (International “Talk Like a Pirate” Day) aboard the sailboat of our friends Raffi and Lisa who run a charter business. ( Last night Raffi and Lisa came to Mary T for dinner with a bluefish they’d just caught. They regaled us with stories of their wide variety of eccentric charter customers which brought to mind the concept of a sitcom called “Charter.”

I have spent much of this trip editing the movie A Red Dot on the Ocean. It’s the story of Matt Rutherford who is the only person to ever sail alone, non-stop around the Americas in a 27-foot boat. It took him 309 days and is the most dangerous sailing oddysey attempted in modern times. The other amazing thing about it is that Matt just taught himself to sail in 2004. I’ve been sailing with Kenny longer than Matt has been sailing. Anyway, my friend Tory Salvia of and I have been working with Matt on this documentary since the end of April. We shot extensive interviews with Matt, his family, friends, and other sailors. Now thanks to the inverter Kenny installed on Mary T, I’m able to edit while were cruising. To learn more about Matt Rutherford and the movie, go to:

Here’s the trailer I recently finished editing. If you like it please share the link and help me get the buzz going.

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